Creative Arts

A conservatory trained composer and creative artist of mixed disciplines: composition, taiko performance, sound engineering, piano technology and tool making!
Chung likes to mix and match different passions into cross-discipline projects. Recent projects include collaboration between string quartet & taiko, bicycle & trumpet!
Chung loves collaborations and is always looking for fun & odd ideas!

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Piano Technology

Chung is a candidates of the MFA Piano Technology program of Florida State University, studying and training as a university piano technician. Recently served as staff piano technician at Boston University Tanglewood Insititue and Academy of the Fortepiano Performance, Chung has also invented piano tools which have impressed numerous professional technicians. Influenced by her classical music training, Chung is an enthusiast of historical keyboard instruments.

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"DIY Taiko"

Designing for Effective Taiko Practice! Chung created "DIY Taiko" to increase access to taiko practice instruments, which is essential to one’s taiko learning. With her experience studying with Kenny Endo and Taiko Center of the Pacific, Chung researches and designs effective, ergonomic practice equipment for taiko learners and professionals. Notable creations include PVC Naname Taiko, PVC Shamisen, and Soft Practice Shumoku.

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Chung Wan Choi