Why is “Pre-cut Kit” Not Available

This post might be less positive sounding. Thanks Lisa for soothing some fire out of me. But I feel I must explain the matter about “pre-cut kit”, which has been troubling me since the beginning of DIY Taiko.

The term “pre-cut kit” has repeatedly come to my attention, I believe I was the one who brought up this idea, now I regret it. Good intention doesn’t always work out the way we wish, so is this case. “Pre-cut kit” is a concept too good to be true; it sounds like a way cheaper option, as if I am myself am a mass manufacture in China.

Yes, I can certainly cut all the parts for a “kit”, that’s the easy part. The main reason why my drum cannot be assembled like an IKEA furniture is that, the pipes are round and they don’t stay square like wood. In fact, the reason wood are square because they were prepared to be so – in wood shop, the first class one learns is how to joint and plane, because a workable wood piece must be square to begin with. PVC pipes are round! On the other hand, even though box-like structure are easy to align with help of fittings (i.e. table, chair); but my drum consists of planes, which must somehow align by itself. That’s why I suggest cementing selected connections of my PVC naname practice drum, which takes precision and additional time. Adding screws might work, but it will still require me to precisely align the structure, then drill the holes one by one, there’s probably over 40 holes. That is, not just cutting out parts anymore.

That’s why if I were to prepare a kit, I might as well put it all together myself, so nothing would go wrong. If the structure doesn’t stay aligned, it will not sit well on the ground. Without any cementing or screws, the frame would also deform upon impact, it then eventually falls apart. Also, I would have to make another instruction for a “pre-cut kit”, which would take more hours to prepare (I would say the DIY instruction had taken no less than 100 hours to produce.)

In the end, it all comes down to the fact that I have no intention in selling my drum as a product, it simply doesn’t make any profit. I have no fear that no one uses it, because I’ve already moved on to creating something new and better. I share my designs because I want to show how one with limited resource can still practice/learn/promote/appreciate taiko. All the information is out there as my contribution to the community. However, I simply cannot afford to work for nothing without convincing reasons. So… maybe one day I can finally afford to go to my first NATC.

Chung Wan Choi