What am I?

I wish it’s easy to tell people what I do. The fact is, I am genuinely interested in different things. I have studied composition for my undergrad and graduate degree. I have been playing taiko for over 10 years. I have professionally record classical music. I have tuned pianos in a university. So, each of these could be some sort of a profession, just not my only one. To me, they all compliment each other.

The education I received in Hong Kong, was designed to tame students into obedient citizens. We went through rigorous examinations and competition just to realize that only certain “smartness” is celebrated. Teachers told me that “passion doesn’t matter”, because exam result matters more in order to be accepted into universities. I do believe that I am smart and creative, just not the kind the society is looking for.

Lately I have heard talks about paying more attention to hands-on professions, such as craftsman and smiths. Maybe that’s why I don’t enjoy my current university education; it’s a hands-on profession, and we have to make it academic and research oriented somehow. Yea right, we try to do some research, but we could never get deep, as our classes (if it ever took place) has little to do with our research. It just didn’t feel right, gut is usually right.

So a mentor asked, what do I want to be in the future? I have no idea, given my immigration status. If I am as privileged as any citizens, I might have a hard time choosing. Or, I’d just do it all.

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