Piano Cover Folding Guide

This illustration was originally posted by Piano Technique MontrĂ©al with only French on it. I had my friend translated the words into English, and did some Photoshop. The creator has generously agreed for distribution. I think it would be very helpful for music schools, especially for the stage crews that consists of student workers. I understand that many piano technicians are frustrated that no one seems to listen… this could be a non-intrusive way to reach those who’d rather look at pictures – so immediately I posted it on my school’s Facebook group.

Wonder what you should do when you need to remove the giant piano covers of (university recital halls’) pianos? Rather than throwing them on the ground, turning confusingly back and forth while attempting to put them back on the pianos, here’s a simple graphical direction for folding a piano cover neatly. P.S. It will make the piano tech really happy.

(Click image for full size)

Chung Wan Choi