Starting Over

It seems simple to say that since I have the skills, it would be easy to start over in another country. Well, Hong Kong is a special case as it is a city but in some ways treated like a country, such as import. It wouldn’t make huge different to order piano supplies from New York City or San Francisco, because they are within the same country. Hawaii might be trickier, but it’s still counted as domestic.

While I learned to become a piano technician in the United States, I am also used to the supplies I could obtain so easily there. Who would have thought that denatured alcohol and acetone available in any Home Depot can only be acquired from specialty store in Hong Kong? Online shopping is not yet that comprehensive here, so I have to go from store to store to buy what I needed. It’s fun to window shop, I just think I have underestimated the amount of work I need to acquire what the job needs. I mean, I should be grateful that Japan is not that far, right?

Chung Wan Choi