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Bike Commuting as a Lifestyle

Not many people around me commute by bike and are car-less. In this small town called Tallahassee, most of my friends own cars, even undergrads. That’s just how things are, being Americans and such. Even though I am a foreigner, grew up in a place where cars are not necessities, I feel quite the need now, because of the hills and how spread out places are.

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Passion is nice but…

Ah, after reading the book “Taiko Boom”, one learns that the 1958 Japanese movie “The Ricksaw Man” had tremendous influence on early development of ensemble taiko. The ricksaw man was low but strong, he could play taiko for “real” while no one else could. It felt empowering to think that manual labor could do great, for example, taiko playing. Hmm… is it really that great in reality?

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Chung Wan Choi