DIY Taiko

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Designing for Effective Taiko Practice!

DIY Taiko is created by Chung Wan Choi (Chung), who is frustrated with the limited access to practice instruments, which is essential to one’s taiko learning. Tire drums are easy to make and plays well for beta style (upright). However, they are bulky for storage and difficult to imitate the proper naname (slanted) angle and height. To solve these problems, Chung researches and designs effective practice instruments made of simple materials found in recycling centers and hardware stores.

  • February 2019 Update:

    • Checkout the new practice shumoku and its development!
    • Start migrating the site to Chung’s personal website to avoid advertisements.
  • August 2018 Update:

    • After a series of design changes, I no longer build the model which I created an instruction for, as seen in October 2017 update. New designs incorporate mixed material; I have no plans to release new instruction any time soon. I will still ask for newsletter subscription, just to casually track its whereabouts. As always, feel free to ask me any questions.
  • January 2018 Update:

  • October 2017 Update:

    • PVC Naname Practice Taiko instruction is out!
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