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This is an archival page for instructional guides. For incremental updates, check out our Facebook page!

Naname mode

PVC Slant Style “Naname” Practice Taiko Ver.1 (JPEG) (PDF)
Note: Measurement for purple part is 27 – 28 inch. The final length depends on your personal preference and height.

PVC Slant Style “Naname” Practice Taiko Ver.2 (2017)
This is an improved and more sophisticated version, featuring no-detaching parts.
A 33-page IKEA-style PDF instruction has been released. It is available for our newsletter subscribers only.
To see it in action, visit our Facebook page!

Practice Odaiko (steel, tape) 2014, old version

Practice Odaiko Stand (2014, old version)

PVC Practice Shime (2016, sitting style)

Practice Kane (2016, from tin can)