Soft Practice Shumoku

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New in 2019, these soft practice shumoku are designed to allow atarigane practice in manageable loudness (below 90db)! It is made of a metal core wrapped with soft fabric to simulate balance of a real antler shumoku. The handle is also carefully shaved for thumb placement to enhance control and speed, which are particular important for Edo Bayashi practice.

For my development process and philosophy, check out my blog or facebook page. Currently, I am seeking feedback from small number of players; I hope to make them available online soon.

If you have recently purchased a practice shumoku, consider filling out this feedback form!

Why use practice shumoku?

  • Protect our precious hearing; regular play could be as loud as 120db, very damaging to hearing!
  • Spare your roommates and neighbors from misery!
  • Focus on training your left hand dexterity (with the heavy atarigane)
  • In lessons or rehearsals, talk and play at the same time, no earplugs needed!